Wireless Solutions

wireless solutionsModern business is non-stop action. Not only must information flow throughout the organization, but so must certain key individuals. The days of “9-to-5 behind the desk” are over. Resources today — both human and technological — must be free, fast and flexible. These are the code words for mobile business.  The power of untethered communications is a huge part of that story. Through innovative engineering and design, NEC’s Integrated Wireless Solution makes it possible for all of its PBX platforms, as well as other PBXs and Centrex-based systems, to incorporate an in-building wireless system that is specifically scaled to customer needs.

wireless network solution and services Enabling staff members to be mobile provides numerous benefits for the organization. Productivity increases because employees are always available for immediate and direct communications while simultaneously being free to work away from their desks without fear of missing critical calls. Customer service can be enhanced by shortening hold times for customers calling for mobile employees with customers no longer having to wait until the appropriate person can be located. In sales organizations, missed calls are missed opportunities, and enabling mobility increases the opportunities for success for each sales representative.

Business Mobility IPDECT Brochure

Digital DECT SalesSheet

Wireless MH250 DataSheet