IP Telephony is growing throughout the world as communications decision makers begin to take advantage of the potential cost savings afforded by converged infrastructures.

IP Telephony is not just a matter of converting voice signals to data bits; although that is part of the process. Also involved are the call set-up messages and the networking information transparent to the end user that make possible the convenience and ease-of-use offered by networked telephony systems. Students at a remote campus or office workers at a branch office can enjoy and benefit from the features and functions of the telephone system at the central site….…..voicemail, music-on-hold, telephone set displays, message lights, to name a few — as though they were directly connected to the central site.

The power of this solution not only protects customer investments both past and future but delivers all the benefits of a traditional telephone system without the geographic boundaries of the past.

Whether your business communications are pure VoIP or any combination of VoIP and traditional circuit-switched technology, we provide a full line of terminals that will meet your needs.

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