Video Surveillance

The importance of physical security
 is a sign of our times!
Video Surveillance remains a valuable tool and among the least obtrusive options available.
Video Systems can provide real-time monitoring and facilitate rapid response time.
 Benefits at a glance…..
Employee Training Tool
Surveillance Systems can be used to monitor your employee’s behavior – not only for inventory loss issues but for training as well. Catch your employees doing something right and acknowledge it.  Positive reinforcement will drive positive behaviors.  
Prevent Harassment
Harassment in the work place can take all forms. Many incidents are not reported. Complaints about harassment are becoming more common. How do you know who’s telling the truth?  Video Surveillance Systems can record both video and audio.
Reduce Insurance Premiums
Video surveillance system can protect insurance companies and businesses against false claims such as workman’s compensation claims, harassment, liability and slip/fall claims.  Video surveillance systems can potentially reduce your insurance premiums. Check with your local agent for details.
Prevent Vandalism
Properly placed security cameras can deter crime. If you monitor the outside of your property, cameras can prevent vandalism.
Valuable Store Traffic Feedback
Want to know why some of your products sell better than other products?  Monitoring the flow of traffic can help you decide where to place products for better sales.
Cost Effective
The cost of video surveillance has fallen in recent years. In most cases, the cost of one system is far less than the cost of one employee theft.
Tax Deductible 
Businesses are now allowed to deduct up to $250,000 in equipment purchases. This makes your video surveillance system purchases 100% tax deductible!