Paging Systems

paging systemVoicecom Plus specializes in the design and installation of onsite paging systems.   We have been engineering and installing paging systems for well over twenty-five years in industries such as supermarkets, arenas, doctors’ offices just to name a few.  Our expertise has positioned us as a premier provider of paging systems.

Our Paging Design Specialist will work directly with you to insure your requirements and expectations are met.

Resolving paging issues in retail stores and other large businesses can be extremely challenging; especially as it relates to cabling problems.  Voicecom Plus is highly experienced in resolving complex paging problems.  We offer comprehensive knowledge, skill and experience when we service our clients paging systems.

The paging systems we supply and install can be used to deliver important messages to staff members such as shift changes and fire warnings, broadcast advertisements to customers and even play background music.

  • Improve internal communications
  • Page individual zones which means fewer disturbances to other areas

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