Conference Bridge

conference bridgeIn-house conference systems are no longer luxuries or reserved for big business.  Owning a conference bridge eliminates the ongoing costs of using outside vendors to host conference calls and as employees become decentralized, ongoing quality collaboration is a business requirement…Not a luxury.

The Conference Bridge complements the standard basic business features and is affordable and feature rich, designed to streamline your conference call process with simplicity, quality and reliability which are essential in achieving a successful conference call.

The initial investment in the Conference Bridge is quickly recovered and leads to a permanent, long-term reduction in business expenses.  Owning equipment also helps keep your conference calls secure and confidential.

  • Automatic Gain Controlconference call services
  • Programmable Gain Adjustment
  • Password Protection
  • Remote Conference Programming from Web Browser
  • No software to install on the User’s PC
  • Recordable Conference Greeting
  • Participant Announce
  • Cost Reduction and Investment Protection

SV Conference Bridge Brochure