Commercial Onhold

Why would you have your customers listen to “Dead Air” while waiting for a staff member to answer the telephone?

Why would advertising and music on hold be a good solution for you?

commercial on holdAdvertising to your target audience can attract more business to your company.  If your customer has already reached out to contact you, you must be sure to inform them of all your services, products and specials.  Most of the time, your customers are not aware of all the services and products you currently offer.  This is a perfect opportunity to inexpensively advertise your business to your customers.

You spend money every day marketing to customers and potential customers in an effort to get them to contact your business.  Since 70% of all callers are placed on hold, many for up to a minute or more, what do they hear?  The radio or silence?

Voicecom Plus, Inc. will improve your company image, cross-sell your products and services and keep your callers entertained and informed.  All of this is designed to keep your potential clients on the line until you can service them.

Our marketing experts can offer the most comprehensive and innovative background music service available, to provide your company with the audio solution to drive sales, build your brand and enhance your customers’ on hold experience.

What Image are you portraying?

Many businesses don’t realize that customer and prospects often form their opinions of a company based on the first phone call they make to that company’s office.  The more professional the experience while waiting on-hold, the more professionally the customer will place your company in their mind.  First impressions are more important than ever before.  Why?  Because most people have little time on their hands and are more apt to form first impressions as snap judgments…and these snap judgments are often the basis for later buying decisions.  Voicecom Plus, Inc. offers a complete customized on-hold messaging system that can give your company the much-needed advantage of a professional first impression!

Advantages of a Commercial On Hold

  • A great company image builder
  • Can sell your prospects and customers on products and services that you offer