NEC UX5000

server room communication The UX5000 is designed to be both versatile and scalable.  All communication methods are supported – IP, TDM, Video, Wired and Wireless.  Reduce costs and improve network efficiency by transparently sharing features, resources and voicemail between branch and remote locations.  The extensive feature set and reliable call processing applications are mature, efficient and dependable – yet intuitive and easy to use.

The UX5000 is a comprehensive integrated solution designed to meet the unique challenges of both business telephony applications and VoIP.

The UX5000 allows your organization to unite your voice and data network and benefit from the cost-saving advantages, convenience and ease of use afforded by networked communication servers.


UX5000 Voicemail Brochure

UX5000 Mobile Extension_datasheet

UX5000 IVR Sales Sheet

UX5000 Desktop Suites

UX Multibutton Terminal Feature Handbook

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